Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Invincible Machine...Mark II

So, its been a while! LibraryScan was my first product and it taught me a lot of what to do and a whole lot of what NOT to do. The product itself wasn't a bad one actually, but it just suffered from undernourishment. Undernourishment in a support and update sense, but most importantly a distinct lack of marketing - simply "spreading it around" every shareware site in existence was not enough. I'll learn from that in future. In my personal life the whole life/work balance wasn't right to really strike out on my own in an entrepreneurial sense - but kids are older, I have a job back in academia that I really enjoy and it gives me freedom to do this - so the "I've got to get out of this horrible situation at work" pressure is well and truly off!

So Mark II! What am I working on? Well a couple of different projects at the moment. My attention span is such that working on multiple things at once will get the best out of me in a work sense. If the current project gets old, well I'll move to the next one. I just hope that the number of projects is a) manageably finite and b) I go back to them and get one or more completed! We'll see - but anyways it'll be fun.

Here's whats in the oven at the moment:

1) A framework for building strategic wargames (yes the old hex map and counter stuff! I love it!). This will be the basis for an number of historical wargame titles I have wanted to write for 20 years.

2) A web application for writing, reviewing, sharing, collaborating and publishing works of fiction.

...I'm sure I'll add to this as I go along.


At 10:09 PM, Blogger Magic Speller said...

Pete, this sounds like LibraryScan has been abandoned. Has it? I've been trying to get to the Web page, without success.


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